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Calendar Events

Aug 2 (Sat), 1:00 pm
Paddle Merrill Creek Reservoir
Aug 6 (Wed), 7:30 pm
Executive Committee/Planning Meeting
Aug 7 (Thu), 7:30 am
Executive Committee/Conservation Committee Meeting
Aug 9 (Sat), 1:00 pm
Chapter Executive Committee meeting
Aug 10 (Sun), 9:30 am
Highlands Act 10th Anniversary Pool Party, Picnic, and Hikes
Aug 16 (Sat), 10:00 am
Patriots Path Stroll
Aug 17 (Sun), 10:00 am
Silver Singles Watchung Reservation Hike
Aug 26 (Tue), 7:00 pm
The Joys of Birding
Sep 9 (Tue), 7:00 pm
Fossil Fuels and Their Impacts... And, What Else To Do
Sep 10 (Wed), 7:30 pm
The Dangers of the Pilgrim Pipleline

The Sierra Club is a national, member-supported environmental organization, which seeks to influence public policy in both Washington and the state capitals through public education and grass-roots political action. You can read more about our mission here.

March Information

March Information

Fracking Rapid Response 09/20

Fracking Rapid Response 09/20

Highlands Pool Party Aug 10

Highlands Pool Party Aug 10

Activists at Stockton College

Activists at Stockton College

The Peoples Climate March

Join the BIGGEST climate march in history in New York City Sunday September 21st!

Starting September 23rd, world leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis, leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference, Paris, 2015. We're going to be there by the tens of thousands to demand they take action on climate change.... More information.

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Christie Pulls out of RGGI Again
Mon, 7 Jul 2014 15:28:37 -0400

Park Smoking Ban Bill Passes both Houses
Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:19:30 -0400

Thu, 26 Jun 2014 22:17:52 -0400

Logging Legislation Up on Monday
Mon, 16 Jun 2014 13:17:02 -0400

Passaic Cleanup First Phase Completed
Mon, 16 Jun 2014 09:53:00 -0400

Keep the Frack Out of Our Water!

Hydraulic Fracturing, better known as fracking, which injects millions of gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals, into the ground horizontally breaking up the bed rock to obtain natural gas. This may be one of the biggest risks to our water and our environment. The New Jersey Sierra Club has been working diligently to fight fracking from completely banning fracking in NJ & banning fracking wastewater from coming into our state.
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Take Action Now!

New Coastal Rules Leave NJ Vulnerable to Future Storms- Email DEP your Concerns!
For the first time since Hurricane Sandy, the DEP is proposing changes to the regulations that oversee coastal development.
Gov. Christie Pulling NJ from Important Carbon Reducing Compact! Email DEP NOW
The DEP has just released the rule proposal that would officially remove us from RGGI and we need your help to block it!
Call Gov. Christie Today & Urge Him to SIGN the Fracking Waste Ban Bill!
Call Governor Christie now at 609-292-6000 and urge him to sign S1041, the Fracking Wastewater Bill.
Zombie Development Coming Back to Life, Impacting the Highlands!
Preakness Mountain, a scenic mountain and symbol of the Highlands region, will be the site of 200+ homes under a settlement DEP is proposing to enter with a developer. We need your help to stop the project from moving forward!
Public Land Logging Bill Resurrected and Up in Committee Monday!
Our public forests are under threat yet again. The bill that would open up our state parks to commercial logging has been reintroduced.
Help Stop Dirty Politics in Pinelands Pipeline Battle!
Stop dirty politics for dirty energy. Let key legislators know you oppose the SJG pipeline and all the pollution and environmental destruction that comes with it.
Hearings Next Week on Sandy Rebuilding & Recovery
Next week the public will finally have an opportunity to comment on the state's Sandy Recovery Action Plan at 3 public hearings!
Stop the Delaware River Fish Kills! There's a Better Way to Cool Off
Write to NJ Governor Chris Christie and DE Governor Jack Markell urging them to require new permits for Salem, Mercer Coal Plant, and the Delaware City Refinery that will better protect our fish and aquatic ecosystems.
Congressional Bill would SPEED UP Pipeline Reviews- Help us Stop Gift to Gas Industry!
The Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act (HR 1900) is a wish list from the natural gas industry!
Tell Gov. Christie Climate Change Action Needed Now
Gov. Christie said climate change "is not a main concern". We need strong action now to protect our state from future storms

The End of a Coal Era?

The 100th coal plant since 2010 -- GenOn Generation Station in Portland, PA -- has announced plans for retirement!

We are winning as city by city, communities are standing up and saying no to coal and yes to clean energy. Public officials and energy utilities are realizing the economics and health problems caused by our addiction to coal just don't add up.

Let's continue this trend by adding more coal plants to this list and to promote a clean energy future!

This plant is the largest source of pollution in Northwest New Jersey causing not only environmental problems, but also affecting the health of the community around the plant. With this terrific news now the people of New Jersey and the country can breathe easier. Not only that, but our efforts have led to the equivalent of 11 million homes powered throughout the nation by clean energy! This amazing milestone, no doubt one of many to come, represents the hard work of our allies and thousands and thousands of concerned residents just like you!

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Thank you to everyone who took part in the Twitter Storm yesterday! Governor Chr...
Thu, 31 Jul 2014 15:20:53 +0100

We are in the last stretch of the Twitter Storm – thanks everyone for all your s...
Wed, 30 Jul 2014 21:30:01 +0100

It’s raining Tweets on Governor Christie keep it coming! Dear @GovChristie, pl...
Wed, 30 Jul 2014 20:30:00 +0100

You are doing great - keep on Tweeting! Sample Tweets: Don't Dump on New Jerse...
Wed, 30 Jul 2014 19:00:00 +0100

Today we will be encouraging Gov. Christie to sign a bill (S1041) to stop the du...
Wed, 30 Jul 2014 16:50:00 +0100

NJ Chapter Achievements

  • Stopping Proposals that Threaten Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    We're always working to protect our state's natural resources and environmentally-sensitive areas like the Highlands and the Pinelands. We have been working long and hard to protect the Highlands from various projects including the Susquehanna Roseland Transmission Line and the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. We are also protecting the Pinelands by getting the Pinelands area removed from the Permit Extension Act. In addition we continue to fight various development projects to protect these environmentally sensitive areas and others around the state.

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